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Representatives and Significatives
Derived from the Word of the Lord
Extracted from the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.


Dict 72

Contributing Publishers
Massachusetts New-Church Union
Charles Bolles, George Nicholson, Mr. Hindmarsh, Mr. E. Rich


s.      signify
exp.  explained
der.   derived
den.  denote
cor.   correspond
con.  concerning
ill.      illustrate
int.    internal
ch.    church
des.  describe
rep.   represent
sp.    spiritual
opp.  opposite
pred. predicate

Adv.        Adversaria.
A. C.       Arcana Coelestia.
A. E.       Apocalypse Explained.
A. R.       Apocalypse Revealed.

U.  T.         Universal Theology, or True Christian Religion.
C. S. L.      Conjugial Love, &c.
H. and H.   Heaven and Hell.
N. J. D.      New Jerusalem and its Heav­enly Doctrine.
D. L.W.      Divine Love and Wisdom.
D. P.          Divine Providence.
B. E.          Brief Exposition of the Doc­trine of the New Church.
E. U.          Earths in the Universe.
L. J.            Last Judgment.
C. L. J.       Continuation concerning the Last Judgment.
L.                Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord.
Sp. Dia.      Spiritual Diary.
S. S.           Doctrine concerning the Sacred Scriptures.
D. L.            Doctrine of Life for the New Je­rusalem.
F.                Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning Faith.
I.                 Treatise concerning Influx.
W. H.          Concerning the White Horse. Rev. xix.
N. Q.           Nine Queries concerning the Trinity answered.
G. E. D.       General Explication of the Decalogue from Apoc. Explained.
A. T. C. R.   Appendix to the True Christian Religion.
S. E. I. P.     Summary Exposition of Internal Sense of the Prophets and Psalms.
C.                Doctrine of Charity.
note. — Where no title is indicated, the Arcana Coelestia is intended.

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