Do we live in a Higher-dimensional Universe?

Most scientists agree that the universe encompasses higher dimensions. But where are these dimensions and how can they be experienced? If we assume that God is Infinite Being, we must first try to understand how the universe can be finite, unbounded and yet connected to Infinite Being (God) by means of correspondence and influx.

First, how can a one-dimensional infinite line become finite and unbounded? The only way it can achieve this is by curving into the second dimension. A circle is a line that is finite and yet unbounded. In fact, a finite circle is not one-dimensional; it is a two-dimensional creature. We can infer from this that God must have spawned the finite and unbounded universe from His own substance or being by means of curvature and discrete dimensions. The essential substance of the universe must consist of higher-dimensional circles or vortices that are propelled by the Infinite (or God).

The Fourth Dimension (Time, Actuality, Cycles, Waves, Wave-functions)

We know that the material world is three-dimensional. Therefore, we must work our way backwards to discover how the universe was spawned from higher dimensions.  What is the fourth dimension? Scientists have determined that Time is the fourth dimension. And, since we have determined that dimensions are related by means of curvature, correspondence and influx, every three-dimensional being must be curved in the fourth dimension of its time. For example, a human being's time cycle is about eighty years. And this must also hold true for atoms. We think that material atoms have indefinite life cycles but the fact is that an atom has an extremely short life cycle that repeats itself. What we see as matter are the life cycles of atoms. The whole material universe consists of cycles or waves (large and small). In fact, quantum physicists describe particles as wave functions. And it is the Infinite (or God) that keeps these wave functions or particles alive through correspondence and influx.

Now, when a three-dimensional sphere curves into the fourth dimension, it should become a four-dimensional sphere. We cannot see a four-dimensional sphere because our physical senses were only designed to experience three dimensions. But such a four-dimensional sphere appears to our physical senses as a toroidal vortex or a sphere that rhythmically expands and contracts. All processes of life, growth and motion in the physical world are four-dimensional. In fact, our growth and decay, our heartbeat as well as the inhaling and exhaling of our breath are four-dimensional processes. Galaxies, stars, planets and moons rotate and revolve in the fourth dimension.  In fact, stars are also born from the fourth dimension and collapse back into the fourth dimension. A flower blooms into the fourth dimension. Three-dimensional material bodies seem to be born from seeds but in fact they are born from the fourth dimension, grow into the fourth dimension and return into the fourth dimension. We cannot see the fourth dimension; we can only witness its effects in the three-dimensional world.

The Fifth Dimension (Possible States)

If the fourth dimension is time, motion and growth, what is the fifth dimension? What happens when a four-dimensional sphere curves into the fifth dimension? Physicists have discovered that subatomic particles emerge from a higher-dimensional realm of possible STATES. Virtual particles are higher-dimensional. The fifth dimension is a realm of possibilities or propensities that have not yet been actualized in space and time. But these states subsist in higher dimensions. Is there a way for us to experience these higher-dimensional states? As human beings, we not only see, hear, smell, taste and touch physical phenomena; we can also think and feel. It is through our mind (understanding) that we can experience these five-dimensional states.  A form in our mind is an idea. Our physical body may exist in three-dimensional space but our soul subsists in a higher-dimensional STATE. In fact, the state of our being is formed by our beliefs.  Hence, we can say that the fifth dimension consists of possible states of consciousness that can be experienced by us as ideas or beliefs.

Among the ideas in the fifth dimension is God's Divine Idea, the Word of God or Divine Truth. It is Divine Truth which enlightens our mind and allows us to understand all rational ideas. In fact, the root of "rationality" is "ratio" because our mind evolved according to the  harmonic proportions or spiritual ratios of Heaven. These spiritual ratios or heavenly values enable us to discern or differentiate between what is True and false or Real and imaginary. True ideas are rational while false ideas are irrational or distorted. What is Real is organized according to the Rational form of Heaven (Divine-Human form or Divine Truth). What is not organized according to this rational form is a falsehood, lie or fantasy of the human imagination. As humans, we have the spiritual freedom to believe anything. But this does not mean that what we believe is necessarily True, Rational or Real. When we reject God's Truth or Word and choose to believe our personal opinions and lies, we are in effect subsisting in a world of irrational fantasies and lies (or hell). These fantasy states of the human imagination are worlds of spiritual darkness because they lack Spiritual Light, Truth, Rationality or Reason.

The Sixth Dimension (Reality)


Now, God's Divine Idea or Divine Truth must be curved into the sixth dimension of Reality. This is where it all starts. An idea is a spiritual form but this form must have substance, as a form is simply the organization of a particular substance. Reality is God's substance or higher-dimensional Being. Here, Divine Truth (Divine Idea) curves into Divine Love (Divine Affection, Divine e-motion or Divine Substance). In the sixth dimension, Truth and Love are united in a six-dimensional unified and harmonic field. Hence, although God's Love for the whole universe is unbounded, God remains transcendent and infinite. The whole universe is only connected to the Infinite (God) by the correspondence and influx of Divine Love. We can experience the spiritual motion (or e-motion) of these six-dimensional vortices as the spiritual fire of Love within our own being. We experience spiritual substance through emotion or feeling. In fact, the substance of our soul is our will or what we love. Our will ultimately defines who we are because our own being is shaped by what we freely intend, say and do from our own volition. And what we love determines what we believe because our loves and beliefs must necessarily correspond.

Since we possess a self that is distinct and separate from God, we have the freedom to love and believe whatever we choose. Our loves, affections or desires can be selfish and our beliefs can be irrational or false. But we can see from the structure of the universe that our well-being  depends on our relationship with God and other beings. We can only enter the Kingdom of higher-dimensional Love, joy and contentment by believing what is True or Rational and practicing unselfish love towards God and our neighbor.  It is the higher-dimensional fire of Love which inwardly propels us to love and desire. But we are always free to realize selfish or unselfish desires because Divine Love can only be realized FREELY and WILLINGLY.

All delights flow forth from love, for that which a man loves he feels to be delightful. No one has any delight from any other source. From this it follows that such as the love is such is the delight. The delights of the body or of the flesh all flow forth from the love of self and love of the world; consequently they are lusts and their pleasures; while the delights of the soul or spirit all flow forth from love to the Lord and love towards the neighbor, consequently they are affections for good and truth and interior satisfactions. These loves with their delights flow in out of heaven from the Lord by an inner way, that is, from above, and affect the interiors; while the former loves with their delights flow in from the flesh and from the world by an external way, that is, from beneath, and affect the exteriors. Therefore as far as the two loves of heaven are received and make themselves felt, the interiors of man, which belong to his soul or spirit and which look from the world heavenwards, are opened, while so far as the two loves of the world are received and make themselves felt, his exteriors, which belong to the body or flesh and look away from heaven towards the world, are opened. As loves flow in and are received their delights also flow in, the delights of heaven into the interiors and the delights of the world into the exteriors, since all delight, as has just been said above, belongs to love. Emanuel Swedenborg HH396

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