In the last century, scientists have discovered that mass and energy are equivalent. Einstein's equation E= mc2 , where c is the speed or perpetual MOTION of Light, tells us that any massive object is simply the energy of Light that has been crystallized into atomic particles by means of the vortical motion of Light. Light involves and evolves harmonically and perpetually.

Although scientists have yet to find where this vortical energy of natural Light originates, more than 200 years ago, Swedenborg discovered that this natural MOTION of natural Light is in correspondence with the Spiritual EMOTION of Spiritual Light or Divine Love. Natural MOTION is in correspondence with spiritual motion or E-MOTION. Natural MOTION induces a change of place while E-MOTION induces a change of state.

The Divine Energy of Love involves and evolves. It first descends by influx and discrete degrees into the levels of the spiritual world (Celestial, Spiritual, Natural) and terminates in the elements of the material world of Fire (Light), Air (atoms), Water (molecules) and Earth (minerals). Once it reaches the level of Matter, this Divine Energy of Love longs to evolve or return to its Creator. This is why every being in the universe is motivated by its indwelling harmonic EMOTION of Love to freely return to Heaven where it can  be conjoined with God in Love, Wisdom and Use.

It is through usefulness and organic life that beings are able to return to Heaven. The DNA molecule, which is a double-helix of vorticity, enables the energy of Love to return to Heaven. Now, this ascension by discrete degrees begins in the mineral kingdom. The mineral elements of the soil are useful to plants which enable them to grow and flourish. Plants then become useful to animals. Animals are nourished by leaves, grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Eventually, gentle animals become useful to human beings through transportation, work, companionship, milk, meat, leather and wool.

When the level of humanity is reached, the energy of organic life has the potential to be transformed into spiritual energy by faithful, rational  and loving humans. It is through free acts of usefulness that human beings are able to fuse  their loving intentions and rational ideas of Truth to generate a substantial body of spiritual energy. They can ascend to the three levels of Heaven by transforming their energy through reformation and spiritual temptation.

Since all beings are an image of God (Divine Love, Wisdom and Power), any real being must consist of a certain substance or ENERGY, this energy must be in some FORM and this form must be able to ACT. The material world is physically real because it consists of material and organic energies, these energies appear as physical forms, and these physical forms are able to act in the material world.

However, what we should also know is that the spiritual world is also real because it consists of spiritual energies (substances) that appear as spiritual forms and these spiritual forms are able to act in the spiritual world. Hence, in order to reside in Heaven, we must generate a body of spiritual energy or unselfish Love. This body of loving energy must be formed of True beliefs and it must act in a useful, wise and loving way. The quality of our free loves determines our spiritual energy. And the form of this energy or our appearance in the spiritual world will be in exact correspondence with our beliefs.

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