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0208 It is characteristic of water, that when it falls from the clouds it runs down the hills to the plains, and then further, seeking the lowest level.  And so the truth of what is  right  and useful, when received in elevated states of mind, immediately sets itself to run through all the states of the life, everywhere purifying, nourishing, and urging to good works; nor will it rest till, the whole active productive part of the mind traversed, it finds repose in the sea of the memory.

If the state in which the truth is received be greatly elevated above the common plane of the life, the truth descends with vehemence, and possibly great power for good. But from minds that are self-exalted, especially if they be hard and stony—not inclined to do quiet uses themselves—it descends with angry vehemence, and great power for evil; these throw off the truth from themselves, and direct it in pitiless torrents to those whom they look down upon. Such streams received by many minds at once form great rivers of public opinion, which serve as a medium of communication among all who share them; which, wisely directed, set powerful social machinery in motion for good; or, angrily swelling, sweep away much that is good, with some evil, in a common ruin.

On the other hand, a mind full of earnest affection for good holds the truth received from heaven as a good soil does the rain, giving it forth slowly and steadily in useful springs and streams of truth.



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